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Therapy Cell has developed a methodology that allows adult cells to divide and grow in controlled laboratory conditions.  These new cells can then be used for transplantation back to damaged tissue to enact tissue and organ healing.

To date, the technology has been used for the growth and transplantation of:

  1. Tendons and ligaments
  2. Articular cartilage

We have also applied this technology to successfully grow pancreatic cells, for treatment of diabetes, and cardiac cells for the treatment of heart disease, as well as other cell types from many other tissues. 


Therapy Cells has shown that given the right culture conditions, these cell types can be grown into  millions of new cells, and then successfully transplanted back into the injured tissue of the individual who has donated the cells, leading to tissue repair with one's one cells. 



Cartilage cells grown in vitro

Figure 1


 Cartilage cells grown in vitro

Figure 2


Cartilage cells grown in vitro

Figure 3


Cartilage cells grown in vitro

Figure 4 


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