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Therapy Cells (2000) Ltd

A New Zealand Company


 Therapy Cells (2000) Ltd, Commercializing

USPatent #8,372,644 (exclusively owned by Transplantation Ltd)

Time to expiry of this patent

19.6 Years

New Licenses available: All Cells: All Species 


Therapy Cells announces a new license granted to Contravaccine Ltd.  This license enables Contravaccine to grow a line of granulosa cells for use in NON-Surgical sterilisation of Cats and Dogs! This joint venture is in final clinical testing with access to the existing $650 Million/Annum North American spey market. 



This technology has been established to develop and commercialize a unique method of tissue transplantation to aid in the repair and regeneration of damaged, diseased, torn or ruptured musculoskeletal cells and organs in the human.

Therapy Cells (2000) Ltd,
Registered Office:401 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa 0931,
New Zealand

Therapy Cells has developed a novel and highly efficient method of growing tendon and articular cartilage for auto transplantation into individual, affected patients.  Our company has developed new cell theory that dispenses with the notion that cells can not divide once they are fully mature.  We have shown that adult cells, given the right environment, can in fact divide and be grown in the laboratory.


The need for tissue and organ repair is growing. This is due to the continual growth of our population, coupled with individual needs to maintain good health. And, as our population grows, so does the number of older people seeking to maintain optimal activity levels.




Therapy Cells

Using Your Own Cells to Heal

Therapy Cells (2000) Ltd
A unique New Zealand Owned Company


Cell growing out to right

The company’s new approach to cell growth has already been applied to the repair of tendons and joints. The technology has also been applied to the re-growth of pancreas and heart tissue. Rejection does not occur as the new cells are from that individual and are recognised by the body as non foreign. It is our belief that this new method of cell growth will be successfully used for cell and organ repair in many parts of the human body.

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